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Smart Meter Correct Operation Needs Attention
- Aug 18, 2017 -

1. Smart meters can only identify with their corresponding only electric card, the user after the purchase of electricity to prepare the card, should check whether the meter is their own, in order to avoid card errors. Determine how your meter is checked: Disconnect the switch in the box, and if the power is off at home, prove the meter to be your own.

2. After the installation of smart meters, the power supply Department for the user to provide a preset electricity tariffs, the installation of electricity can start after the electricity, users in this period to the power supply company to sell electricity outlets for the purchase of electricity business. The preset power will be deducted automatically when the initial purchase is taken.

3. Users need to buy electricity after the purchase card into the meter recharge, inserting the card along the direction shown in the arrows inserted meter slots, in order to ensure that the normal operation of the card, card time should not be less than 15 seconds, when the meter is prompted to read card success, you can unplug the card.

4. After the interruption of the power meter, the electric energy meter circuit component is still working, so we should pay attention to safety. The card operation should be performed by an adult to prevent an electric shock.

5. Smart meter electric card should be properly kept, do not bend, pollution or immersion, to avoid high temperature, high humidity environment, should be away from the magnetic field. After the purchase of electric card is degaussing or lost, should be in time to the power supply department to apply for supplementary cards.

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