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Electronic Watt-hour Meter
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Electronic watt-hour meter uses analog or digital circuit to get the product of voltage and current vector, then realizes electric energy metering function by analog or digital circuit. As a result of the application of digital technology, time-sharing billing Watt-hour meter, prepaid Watt-hour meter, multi-user watt-hour meter, multi-function watt-hour meter comes on stage, further satisfies the demand of scientific electricity and reasonable electricity.

Electronic watt-hour meter in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, the production area is higher, this and electronic products concentrated in the region is consistent, but also because of materials and parts market conditions superior reasons, the formation of price competitiveness.

At present, from the overall point of view, inductive watt-hour meter compared with the electronic watt-hour meter, the number of inductive watt-hour meter production is much. However, the output of electronic watt-hour meter has a significant upward trend.