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Common low-voltage circuit breakers and Vacuum breaks:
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Low-voltage circuit breaker is used for AC voltage 1200V, DC voltage 1500V circuit to play the role of On-off, control or protection of electrical appliances. Low-voltage circuit breaker is an important part of the electrical industry, in the machinery industry is the basic supporting pieces, in the distribution system Low-voltage switchgear is mainly composed of a variety of low-voltage circuit breaker components, Low-voltage circuit breaker function and performance on the Low-voltage switchgear play a vital role. More than 80% of the power generated by the generating equipment is allocated using low-voltage circuit breakers. Each additional 10,000 kw power generating equipment, about 20,000 pieces of all kinds of low-voltage circuit breakers and matching. In the industrial automation system, also need to be composed of Low-voltage circuit breaker Control Panel, console, controller and other products. China low voltage circuit breaker industry since 1949 afternoon, is in some repair, assembly simple electrical factory based on the gradual development of independent design, production industry, to 1979 a total of more than 600 production enterprises, after 1985-1986 years, 1990-1991 years two development peaks, 1995 Low-voltage Circuit Breaker industry has a production enterprise about 1500.