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box design of Ammeter
- Aug 18, 2017 -

The advantages of the new cable branch box are derived from the properties of the fiber reinforced polyester material itself. In addition, the box design also gives this new type of cable branch box many different from the metal box features:

1. ventilate the box with the ventilation component to prevent excessive distilled water

In the cabinet door, back plate and the upper end, the roof, door and back plate between the ventilation components, with the help of the heat generated by electrical components, the box can be done in the space to wet treatment, not only to prevent metal parts of the box rust, but also to prevent leakage current occurrence.

2, isolation of soil moisture

A cable branch box with a base, which is filled with sand in the base and buried in the ground under a certain depth, so that the moisture rising in the soil does not enter the box.

3. Combined design makes installation easy

The modular design not only makes the installation simple, but also easily replaces the box parts, simplifying the spare parts keeping.