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- Aug 18, 2017 -

Ammeter is the instrument used to measure current in AC and DC circuits. In the circuit diagram, the ammeter's symbol is "circle a". The current value is in "Ann" or "A" as the standard unit.

The ammeter is made of a magnetic field force acting on the electric conductor in the magnetic field. Ammeter inside a permanent magnet, in the polar magnetic field, there are a of the coil, each end of the coil has a spring, the spring each connected with an ammeter of a terminal, between the spring and the coil by a hinge connection, in the rotating shaft relative to the front of the ammeter, there is a pointer. When there is current through, the current along the spring, the rotating shaft through the magnetic field, the current tangential magnetic line, so by the role of magnetic field force, so that the coil deflection, drive the hinge, the pointer deflection. Because the size of the magnetic force increases with the current, the magnitude of the current can be observed by the deflection of the pointer. This is called Magnetoelectric ammeter, which we used in the laboratory in peacetime. In the junior high school period, the ammeter range used is generally 0~0.6A and 0~3A