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7 Digits with Register for Energy Meter
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Usage: Timer Switch, Electromagnetic Counter

  • Theory: Mechanical

  • Carry Base: Decimal Counter

  • Working Voltage Rating: 3.5~6.5V

  • Rated Working Pulse Interval: ≥50ms

  • Velocity Ratio:100:1 200:1 400:1 800:1 and so on

  • Transport Package: Standard Export Carton

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Counter

  • Function: Addition Counter, Reversible Counter

  • Carry Mode: Synchronous Counter

  • Mechanism: Mechanical

  • Coil Resistance: 430±5%Ohm

  • Display Number: 6+1

Product Description

Technical parameters of electrical watt-hour meter pulse counter

1. Working voltage rating: 3.5~6.5V;

2. Working pulse width rating: 70~320Ms;

3. Rated working pulse interval: ≥ 50MS;

4. Coil resistance: 430± 5%ohm23± 2

5. Velocity ratio: 200: 1

6. Working frequency: 6Hz

7. Step motor driving torque: 30 u Nm;

8, Specifications(quantity of character wheel): 6+1(five integers with one decimal); 6+1(six integers with one decimal);

9. Character wheel material: PC

10. Range of working ambient temperature: -40o C~+70o C

11. Lead length: 90mm, 100mm or 120mm

12, Error-free working period: ≥ 10years

13. Base frame material: Plastic base frame: PC

Mainly using for:

1), Multi-funcational energy meter

2), Prepayment energy meter

3), Reactive energy meter

4), Watt-hour meter

5), Multi-rate watt-hour meters

6), Maximum demand energy meter.

7), Standard electric energy meter

8), Meter for industry and home use.

Notes: This is model mainly export India, Russian, Urkrian and Poland. Welcome to contact with us if you want, Thank you for your attention.